The 100 best cycling mantras and wisdoms


Cycling Mantras & Wisdoms

What exactly is a mantra and why are the important and beneficial to endurance athletes?

A Mantra is an often repeated word, formula, or phrase, often a truism. They can even be as simple as a sentimental statement or slogan repeated frequently. Many athletes and successful sports professionals use mantras to give them a mental edge and keep them focused on their goal or task at hand. The true value of a mantra to endurance athletes, comes when it is audible, visible, and/or in your thoughts.

The key to successful racing and getting through hard training days shared by many athletes is to have your own personal mantras. 

  • «Pedal damn it.»
  • «Suck it up buttercup.»
  • «Keep moving forward.»
  • «Pride is forever.»
  • «Be like water.»
  • «I can do hard things.»
  • «Stay on pace.»
  • «May race, my pace.»
  • «All miles are good miles.»
  • «Pain is temporary.»
Bruno Spicher

Be your own hero.

  • «If it ain’t burning, it ain’t working.»
  • «Move bitch.»
  • «Find your strong.»
  • «Just keep pedaling.»
  • «Dig deep, breathe deep.»
  • «Finish Strong.»
  • «Why are you crying?»
  • «Deep breaths, quick legs.»
  • «As it gets harder, I get stronger.»
  • «I kill hills. I kill hills. I kill hills.»
Mathieu van der Poel

Hate it now, love it later.

  • «Light and smooth.»
  • «Make it or break it.»
  • «This too shall pass.»
  • «Hills are my friends.»
  • «Fast or slow, it hurts the same.»
  • «Pain is weakness leaving the body.»
  • «I own this race. I choose the outcome.»
  • «I can.»
  • «Earn the burn.»
  • «If it doesn’t challenge me, it doesn’t change me.»
Laurent Jalabert

Be happy.

  • «Cycling is not a hobby. It’s an apocalyptic survival skill.»
  • «Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.»
  • «Don’t run away from your problems. Cycling is much faster.»
  • «Cycling. It’s cheaper than therapy.»
  • «Miles are my motivation.»
  • «Cycling everyday, keeps bad days away.»
  • «The moment is now.»
  • «Never underestimate an old man on a bicycle.»
  • «Ride it like you stole it.»
  • «You will make it.»
Fabian Cancellara

There are 3 ways to pedal: with your legs, with your lungs, or with your heart.

  • «Unstoppable and fearless.»
  • «Start strong. Finish stronger.»
  • «Feel the fear and do it anyway.»
  • «It always seems impossible until it’s done.»
  • «Today, you get to ride.»
  • «Your speed doesn’t matter. Forward is forward.»
  • «Be the best version of yourself.»
  • «Push your limits.»
  • «No fear. No limits. No excuses.»
  • «Accept no limits. Just do it.»
Bruno Spicher

Today it hurts, tomorrow it works.

  • «Your only limit is your mind.»
  • «Be you. Do you. For you.»
  • «Don’t quit.»
  • «I’m working on a new me.»
  • «Everything you need is already inside.»
  • «Make today amazing.»
  • «If you can dream it, you can do it.»
  • «No risk, no story.»
  • «Everything you need is already inside.»
  • «Remember why you started.»
Ferdy Kübler

Great things never came from comfort zones.

  • «Today will be a good day.»
  • «If not now, when?»
  • «Make it happen. Shock everyone.»
  • «You can’t buy hapiness. But you can buy a road bike and that’s pretty damn close.»
  • «Four wheels move the body. Two wheels the soul.»
  • «Born to dare.»
  • «Always live on the bike side of life.»
  • «Life is a beautiful ride.»
  • «When nothing goes right. Go cycle.»
  • «Never give up.»
Fabian Cancellara

Cycling now. Beer later.

  • «It’s just a hill. Get over it.»
  • «It hurts because it matters.»
  • «I’m doing this for me.»
  • «I can and I will.»
  • «Dänk dra, Sorg ha.»
  • «Gib alles, nur nicht auf.»
  • «It’s only crazy until you do it.»
  • «Give it all, but don’t give up.»
  • «Cycling is quality time with me.»
  • «Fuck the rest. Be the best.»
Hugo Koblet

Race the rain, ride the wind and chase the sunset.

  • «One smile, can start a friendship. One word, can end a fight. One look, can save a relationship. One bike, can change your life.»
  • «Go hard or go home.»
  • «It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.»
  • «Fuck the rest. Be the best.»
  • «Don’t wish for it, work for it.»
  • «Feed your soul. Bicycle.»
  • «Make yourself proud.»
  • «Cycling is like sex. When it’s great, it’s great. When it’s bad, it’s still great.»
  • «A mountain bike is like your buddy. A road bike is your lover.»
  • «Feet in die pedals, head in the clouds.»
Bruno Spicher

Embrace the moment.

  • «Don’t think. Just do.»
  • «Attack your dreams.»
  • «Ich. Rennrad. Fokus.»

Why mantras work for athletes

Mantras have become a very effective and popular practice with athletes to enhance their sports performance and to help keep them going when things get tough. Positive, motivational and inspirational self-talk has been helping professional athletes win for decades.  

Athletes use mantras: 

  • During their training, to strengthen their mental game and keep themselves motivated 

  • Before a race or game, to build up strength and confidence, to get pumped and their energy flowing 

  • During their race or game, to empower them to stay focused, on target and positive 

At all levels of sports performance, it’s not just sheer physicality, but the athlete’s will and focused determination that drives them to perform at their peak when it matters most.